[XML-SIG] Problems with PyXML Mac OS 10.5 install

Peter Saffrey pzs at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Thu Nov 29 15:56:49 CET 2007

I'm attempting install PyXML on a Mac OS leopard laptop so that I can use the xpath libraries. I've downloaded 0.8.4, run "python setup.py build" and "python setup.py install". If I do import xml.xpath, I get "no module xpath". 

It can load the xml module OK, but I presume that this is simply the old version. It seems to me that it's simply not being installed - if I use the spotlight to find xpath, it's only found in the local directory, not where it should be installed.

I've also tried (the hacky approach) of copying the built xml directory into the place where the old one is, but then I get the "cannot import name boolean" error.

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