[XML-SIG] xml parsing for weblogs.com xml file

Fabian López fabian at syameses.com
Wed Oct 17 20:16:15 CEST 2007

Dear colegues,
I am quite new in Python and I have been looking for a library to parse a
xml document. I know that maybe the best solution for what I am programming
is to use SAX, but I have a problem in xml format. WEblogs.com
changes.xmldocument uses the following syntax:

<weblogUpdates version="2" updated="Wed, 17 Oct 2007 15:24:00 GMT"
      <weblog name="NAME" url="http://PPPPP.blogspot.com/" when="1" />

The problem is that weblog tag doesn't finish with </weblog> and I don't
really know if this library will work. I only want to take the attributes of
weblog tag. Can anyone tell me if SAX can do it or if I need some special
and better library?

Thanks for your support,
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