[XML-SIG] XML-SIG Digest, Vol 10, Issue 16

Regina Stoeber-Yurdakul stoeber-yurdakul at weatherarts.de
Mon Oct 29 21:55:59 CET 2007

On the look for a business partner
Sorry , I am sure this is not the right place for offering a job, but I 
do not know, where could be a better one for this.
I am looking for a XML and python -expert, who is a strong advocate of 
Free Software as a businesspartner.
WeatherArts http://www.weatherarts.de is a Start-up in Germany.
Product: A new generation of interactive weather for broadband internet 
and multi media telefones.
Company Founder is Regina Stöber-Yurdakul a digital artist .(see resume 
at http://www.weatherarts.de/resume-eng.html). An experienced programmer 
in a decisive position is required.
WeatherArts being now in the offering phase , has interesting contacts 
in the area of mobile phones.
There is a business plan existing. Financing will take place , when 
there is an appropriate letter of intent, which could come soon.
A FS/OS research project to develop  interactive, automatic nowcasts is 
on the way. The Austrian National Weatherservice Zamg has agreed to 
contribute to this project.
The partner should be able to manage such a project.
Senior programmer , XML, Java, SQL, C, Python, Apache etc, cocoon.
 Best regards

Regina Stöber-Yurdakul

60318 Frankfurt
Tel: 049-(0)69-59674868

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