[XML-SIG] SAX characters() output on multiple lines for non-ascii

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sun Feb 3 18:23:24 CET 2008


woodcock wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Well I have looked at it again and I lose the repeated
> lines if I remove the \n and simplify part of it to: 
>         if len(newchars)> 0:
>           output = ''.join(newchars)
>           sys.stdout.write(output)
> However if I try and put some of the surrounding text back in either by
> concatenating strings or using multiple  sys.stdout.write() calls I get
> repetitions of the strings. 

Is there a reason why you want to use SAX? It's one of the most difficult to
use XML interfaces.


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