[XML-SIG] Converting XML Schema to data struture and then to XML

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Jan 28 11:28:04 CET 2008


Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Good Z wrote:
>>>> I need to write an application to convert XML schema (.xsd) to a data
>>>> structure then using this data structure and the data from some other
>>>> files, generate an XML file.
>>>> I have seen generateDS and pyfo library that can be combined to write
>>>  this
>>>> application but my problem is that i somehow do not like DOM and
>>>  would like
>>>> to write this in ElementTree. I wonder if anyone can point me how to
>>>>  write
>>>> this quickly in ElementTree or someone has already done this effort.
>> In case you can do without the schema, lxml.objectify might be worth a
>>  look:
>> http://codespeak.net/lxml/dev/objectify.html
>> Thanks Stefan,
>> But my primary requirement is converting XML Schema.
> Sure, no problem. But may I ask what the reasoning behind this requirement is?
> I mean, code generation isn't really a value by itself.

Just in case you're interested (and since similar topics have come up a couple
of times on lxml's mailing list), I added a doc section on parse-time schema
validation in lxml 2.0 here:


Look out for section 2, "Asserting a Schema". It's not yet included in the
online docs at


but it will appear there by the end of the week.


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