[XML-SIG] Converting XML Schema to data struture and then to XML

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 10 08:06:31 CET 2008

> BTW, from the POV of objectify, generating Python classes from a schema would
> basically mean infering a document instance from an XML Schema (sort of a
> meta-model to model transformation). I find that an interesting relation, but
> maybe that's just me...

It's just you. It would *not* be a meta-model to model transformation, 
but a meta-model-to-meta-model one. The schema defines a type system,
just as a set of Python classes does. Instances of the schema (i.e.
a document) then correspond to a set of instances of these classes.

It's a very natural thing to do, and has been done in other languages
dozens of time. It gives the term "document type" a true representation
in the programming language.


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