[XML-SIG] PyXML and DOM example 'generate_xml1.py'

David Lucena yakumoklesk at yahoo.es
Sun Sep 14 12:40:13 CEST 2008

I've started to use PyXML because I needed a xml library for a tool I am making. Due to lack of documentation, I have been looking for the examples, but I've found some of them does not work. In fact, the fist I tested was the one on the Subject. I have made some modifications get it to work. Here I paste the full file contents:

A basic example of using the DOM to create an XML document from scratch.

from xml.dom import ext
from xml.dom import implementation

if __name__ == '__main__':

    #Create a doctype using document type name, sysid and pubid
    dt = implementation.createDocumentType('mydoc', '', '')

    #Create a document using document element namespace URI, doc element
    #name and doctype.  This automatically creates a document element
    #which is the single element child of the document
    doc = implementation.

( None, 'mydoc', dt)

    #Get the document element
    doc_elem = doc.documentElement

    #Create an element: the Document instanmce acts as a factory
    new_elem = doc.createElementNS( None, 'spam')

    #Create an attribute on the new element
    new_elem.setAttributeNS( None, 'eggs', 'sunnysideup')

    #Create a text node
    new_text = doc.createTextNode('some text here...')

    #Add the new text node to the new element

    #Add the new element to the document element

    #Print out the resulting document
    import xml.dom.ext

Basic changes have been: 

-Change createHTMLDocument for createDocument
-Change '' for None in, createDocument, createElementNS, createAttributeNS
-Change the two lines from "xml.doc.*" to "xml.dom.*"

Please, report if I am wrong or not.



PS.- I have changed createHTMLDocument for createDocument because first only takes 2 arguments whereas second takes four, as it reported the function from inspect module 'getargspec'


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