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Neil Munro neilmunro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 23:11:40 CET 2009

Hello all
            I'm a final year university student in the UK and I've chosen
python as my language of choice for implementing my desired solution but I'm
having issues with getting xml working, the problem is that I've done a lot
of reading discovered lots of different libraries and means of doing things
now I'm unsure which one to use and how.

I'm most familiar with DOM and SAX now, or rather the overview of them, from
what i understand DOM loads the whole document into memory and retains it
until the user removes it, SAX by contrast only holds tiny bits at once in
memory, now I'm of the impression DOM is great for doing a lot of XML
editing where as SAX is great for reading a file in and extracting the
information out of it as you go.

So for my initial XML usage (for my program is going to deal with a lot of
them) I have used SAX to write a basic preferences file (which is part of my
programs design) that works, now, I am at a loss to understand how to read
XML data back in, too many libraries to choose from and different examples
show different things it's hard to fully understand how things work, if
someone can poin me to tutorials and answer questions on them I'd appriciate

Many thanks
Neil Munro
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