[XML-SIG] PyXML installation in Zope2.8.5

Sudesh Soni soni_sks at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 17:23:29 CET 2009

Thanks Mike for valuable information.

The python version is 2.3.5 that comes along with Zope.

I am trying to use ZSI 2.0 [Zope Solera Interface] with my zope server to be able to utilize web services. During the installation of this package it looks for PyXML, so I downloaded PyXML and got stuck with issue. I have not researched which part of PyXML is needed in ZSI, but I will try to find out.


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PyXML has two 'extension' modules (modules written in C instead of Python):

_xmlplus.parsers.pyexpat (needed by PyExpat)
_xmlplus.parsers.sgmlop (needed by sgmlop)

After they're built and installed, they become accessible as 
xml.parsers.pyexpat and xml.parsers.sgmlop, respectively.

You can't build Python C extension modules without a C compiler, and, for 
reasons we must just accept, it has to be the same compiler that was used to 
make the Python executable you're using. You apparently don't have the 
compiler you need installed. Maybe you don't have one at all. That's why you 
got the error message. The compiler you're being told you need is Visual 
Studio 6 / VC6, which is old but not free (officially). This also suggests 
you're using Windows, so it's probably worth mentioning whether you're using 
ActiveState's Python or the official python.org distribution, as it can make a 
difference when people try to help you.

But first I would take a step back and ask why you need PyXML.
Which component of PyXML do you think you need, and why?

You mentioned Zope. AFAIK, PyXML is only needed for Martijn Faassen's "XPath 
Methods" product. That product relies on PyXML and the venerable 4Suite 
0.11.1. Is this why you're trying to get PyXML installed? You might be better 
off looking for a Zope product which gives you access to ElementTree, if not 

My ability to help you, in any case, is going to be limited. I just wanted
to help you understand the error message and get you to explain more about
what you're trying to accomplish.

Sudesh Soni wrote:
> The version of PyXML is 0.8.4
> Product - zope 2.8.5 final [python version - 2.3.5]
> I get following error when executing -
> python setup.py build
> ============
> running build_ext
> error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and extensions need 
> to be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn't installed.

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