[XML-SIG] Status of pyxml development

Nicolas Delaby nicolas at nexedi.com
Thu Oct 22 09:32:53 CEST 2009

Stefan Behnel a écrit :
> Hi,
> Nicolas Delaby wrote:
>> I would like to know what is the status of pyxml ? I saw on sourceforge
>> that it is no longer maintained but i want to have a confirmation.
> The sourceforge site has been stating the truth for a while now.
>> So i'm using a interesting module of the pyxml library: the Marshaller.
>> I played a bit with and find some weakness like non support of namespaces.
>> I reimplemented it with lxml (may be its a troll in this mailing-list,
>> sorry in advance) with full support of namespaces.
>> How can i contribute ? do i need to fork this code ?
> I think the best way to have people use your code is to put it into a new
> package and put it up on PyPI. If it keeps up compatibility with the PyXML
> marshaller, the better. That will allow users of the marshaller package
> (however many there may be left) to easily migrate to your package.

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your reply, it is what i expect  :)
I didn't change the regular tests, so it should be still compatible with
PyXML implementation.
So I will publish it on PyPI and send an announcement on this mailing-list


Nicolas Delaby
Nexedi: Consulting and Development of Libre / Open Source Software

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