[XML-SIG] Python DTD parser?

L Peter Deutsch lpd at major2nd.com
Sat Apr 3 15:45:23 CEST 2010


I am trying to find a working, maintained DTD parser written in Python.  The
main Python XML distribution does not include one.  I was using the PyXML
parser, but (1) (at least on SourceForge) it hasn't been maintained for
years, and (2) (as of the last version I could find, 0.8.4) it has a bug
that sometimes causes it to not process the very last line of a DTD -- which
in a well-modularized DTD is often an entity reference that pulls in the
main content of the DTD!

I've written my own DTD parser, but it omits some features, I really don't
know how well it conforms to the spec (which is important because I'm also
writing some DTDs of my own), and I'd much rather use a well-tested one
written by others.

Any advice will be appreciated.


						L Peter Deutsch

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