[XML-SIG] Python DTD parser?

L Peter Deutsch lpd at major2nd.com
Sun Apr 4 01:58:57 CEST 2010

> Are you attempting to only parse the DTD itself, or validate a document
> according to the DTD?

Only the former.

> If the former, xml.parsers.expat can be made to serve this purpose.

Thanks very much.  I just now read the xml.parsers.expat documentation, and
I see the callbacks that correspond to the callbacks from the PyXML DTD
parser.  I think I was using the PyXML parser because that's what Stefan
Behnel's dtd2py used, which was the starting point for my current project;
but in any case, I see no reason to use it any longer.  Sorry to have taken
your time for this.

						L Peter Deutsch

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