[XML-SIG] Parsing XML file with Minidom has problem with cr/lf

Peterson, Wayne WaynePeterson at SierraSystems.com
Mon May 10 16:04:05 CEST 2010

That's what I thought as well. I was expecting the parser to ignore all
forms of linefeed.

I believe I am accessing my files as text files. The documentation for
minidom.parse says you can pass it a file name or a file object and I
have tried it both ways with the same result. Here is the open statement
I am using.

infile = open(in_path_file, 'r')
in_xmldoc = minidom.parse(infile)

The input file contains cr/lf linefeeds x'0a0d'.

When I do something like,

surveys = form.childNodes

the surveys.firstChild node will contain x'0a' which I have to ignore.


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Peterson, Wayne wrote at 2010-5-8 23:43 -0700:
>I am parsing an XML file with Python 2.6.5 minidom in Windows and it is
>mostly working but minidom seems to have problems dealing with Windows
>cr/lf characters. It creates an extra textnode that needs to be ignored
>instead of just returning the xml elements. I have tried different
>methods of opening the file but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
>is happiest when reading a file in Unix format.

The parser should not see these "cr/lf" characters at all.

Python strings itself use only "\n" (aka "lf") to delimite lines.
The "\r" (aka "cr") should only be introduced when those lines
are written to text files. And they should be removed when
those line are read in again.

Are you sure that you access your files as "text" files?


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