[xml-sig] problems installing PyXML-0.8.4 on OS X (10.6)

Alberto Palacios Pawlovsky pawlovsky at cc.toin.ac.jp
Fri Nov 19 02:32:00 CET 2010

Dear sirs;

I 've downloaded the above version and tried to install it following the directions of the readme file.
It built and installed, but I can use it as expected.
First, since in OS X the python version is 2.6 the installer changes the name of xml to _xmlplus.
So, one might think that changing the xml calls to _xmlplus in our programs will make us able to deal with the name changing, but it is not the case.
For example :     from xml.dom.ext.reader import HtmlLib
forced me to correct by hand multiple __init__.py and related files since the several *.py files still call xml and NOT _xmlplus.
I am newbie to Python and I am sure there is a clever way than doing it one file at a time (searching each line  for 'xml'). Possibly, running something to change the sources from xml to _xmlplus after the setup.py renames xml to _xmlplus will work (really do not know).
I will really appreciate any hint to do it (the renaming or anything needed) by myself, or a change to setup.py or other files of the distribution to help other mac ( and 2.x ) users out of these problems.

Best regards,

Alberto Palacios Pawlovsky
Toin University  of Yokohama.
Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Robotics Engineering.
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