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> why Pycon would come to Chicago, how Python
> affects the everyday person.
>        :
> what Python is all about, with an emphasis on what these
> sorts of conventions mean for the local job market.

this might be a good opportunity for the advocacy folks to chime in.
we know that Google is a heavy user of Python, and they have a chicago
presence, and then globally, we know that Python is used at Facebook,
YouTube, Yahoo!, Canonical/Ubuntu, Red Hat, VMware, NASA, Disney,
LucasFilm, Eve-online.com, Zope, Disney, the OLPC project, etc., all
use it. heck, we created Yahoo!Mail with Python over a decade ago when
practically no one had heard of it yet!

Python has changed the game significantly, at least for me. i had
programmed in a bunch of languages (C/C++, Java, Tcl, Perl, *sh,
BASIC, Pascal, ForTran, assembly, etc.) before Python, and not one of
them made me excited enough to want to write a book on it. :-)

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