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I'm doing the PR for PyCon and set up the Fox opportunity.  Upon  
speaking with Fox, it's apparent to me that they are interested more  
in how this helps Chicago than anything else.  They are looking at  
the larger picture-- how it relates to technology, or a technological  
trend in Chicago.  Or at least that's the angle I'm pushing because  
that's the one that seems to attract their attention.  The big names  
are nice and help but we need to explain the importance of PyCon as  
it relates to technology in general and technology in Chicago.  What  
value does it add to the city?  Why even have it in Chicago?  Just  
some things to consider.  It would be great if a TV crew came out,  
and I'm working on that.

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On Mar 6, 2008, at 12:38 PM, wesley chun wrote:

>> why Pycon would come to Chicago, how Python
>> affects the everyday person.
>>        :
>> what Python is all about, with an emphasis on what these
>> sorts of conventions mean for the local job market.
> this might be a good opportunity for the advocacy folks to chime in.
> we know that Google is a heavy user of Python, and they have a chicago
> presence, and then globally, we know that Python is used at Facebook,
> YouTube, Yahoo!, Canonical/Ubuntu, Red Hat, VMware, NASA, Disney,
> LucasFilm, Eve-online.com, Zope, Disney, the OLPC project, etc., all
> use it. heck, we created Yahoo!Mail with Python over a decade ago when
> practically no one had heard of it yet!
> Python has changed the game significantly, at least for me. i had
> programmed in a bunch of languages (C/C++, Java, Tcl, Perl, *sh,
> BASIC, Pascal, ForTran, assembly, etc.) before Python, and not one of
> them made me excited enough to want to write a book on it. :-)
> cheers,
> -- wesley
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