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As you may have heard, more than 1000 people have registered for PyCon.
This is insanely cool, possibly with the emphasis on "insane".  The PSF has
long been wishing to see more regional Python conferences start up, and the
growth in PyCon really shows that the time has come.  Several steps are in
the works to facilitate that; one of them, you can help with this very

There's a new list on the Python wiki of potential spakers - a "Speakers'
Bureau".  As this list fills up, it will help conference organizers find
Python speakers to fill out their rosters.  It can even help encourage
people to organize regional conferences in the first place, by assuring them
that the speakers they need are out there.

So, if you are willing to consider speaking at a Python event, please sign
yourself up at

Signing up doesn't obligate you to anything; it simply helps event
organizers make contact with you.  You can note your geographical
restrictions and any other requirements on the roster.

I plan to repeat this pitch in a Saturday night Lightning Talk at PyCon.
I'd love it if some of you sign up before then, so I won't feel silly
showing a list containing only me.  If you want to contribute to the
lightning talk, flag me down at PyCon.  I'm the one with the hair.

Thanks, and hope to see many of you in Chicago!
- Catherine
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