[python-advocacy] How programming language webpages should be designed

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Sun Nov 8 18:56:14 CET 2009

> brings me to another area of concern: some of the programs had been hastily
> modified to work with Python 3 - changing print statements to functions, for
> instance - and this actually changed the behaviour of the affected programs
> (the editor concerned was obviously not motivated to change them all) as well
> as making the programs inconsistent with the text.
> I suppose that this is another concern with Python 3 (which I'm sure I've also
> mentioned before): if one promotes Python, should programs use Python 3
> syntax and features when many people will still be encountering Python 2
> programs? It doesn't help that right at the very start of a beginner's
> experience with Python, there's a divergence between the dialects involving
> the print statement.

If the goal of what this list and thread is about is to promote python
(which i am sure it is) then the site should use the new and improved
Python 3.

Some shops are stuck on python 2.3, some on .net, some on java, some
with poor coding practices - That doesn't make Python any less
wonderful, and it is the wonderful that we want people to understand.

Carl K

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