[python-advocacy] How programming language webpages should be designed

Ray Allen rayallen153 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 12 18:38:26 CET 2009

Thanks for the advice on the list indentation, comments and avoiding 'each'
as a variable - changes applied.  I think it's right to keep iteration as
simple as possible, but I also think it's worth keeping an explicit count.
This provides the opportunity to demo the ease with which an integer
variable can be set.  That leaves me with:

"""Example Python Program"""

import random

python = ["Easy to read",
    "Fast to code",
    "Quick to learn",
    "Modular and object oriented"]

python.append("Open source and cross platform")


count = 1
print "Python is ... "
for feature in python:
    print count,feature
    count += 1

print "Discover more at http://www.python.org"

Not sure about the pythagorean triples as a means of demonstrating python
code.  I was aiming for something that demonstrated to the uninitiated just
how close to psuedocode Python could look.

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