[AstroPy] POLL: vision for a common Astronomy package

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 04:05:26 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,

For the record, here are the final results of the poll:

The initial vision for the common Astronomy package has been approved,
with 79 'yes' votes (91.9%) against 7 'no' votes (8.1%)

The name 'astropy' for the common Astronomy package has been approved,
with 89 'yes' votes (98.9%) against 1 'no' vote (1.1%)

As mentioned several times in this thread, the vision is an initial
version, and people should feel free to bring up suggestions for
changes or additions any time in the future. As Erik already
mentioned, we're preparing a draft of the initial areas of work and
coding guidelines which we'll put up for discussion very soon!

I would just like to add a note that it's great to see so many people
involved at this stage - thanks for voting!


On 27 June 2011 22:16, Thomas Robitaille <thomas.robitaille at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In the last week, Erik, Perry, and myself have been discussing how
> best to coordinate the development of the common Python Astronomy
> package. We have now converged on a common vision, and would now like
> to know whether you would be happy with it too. The vision and a
> poll are available at the following pages:
> vision: http://astropy.wikispaces.com/vision
> poll: http://astropy.wikispaces.com/vision-polls
> In addition, 'astropy' has been suggested by several people as a name
> for this common package, so rather than creating a multi-option poll,
> we've created a simple yes/no poll to find out whether you would agree
> with this name. The idea is to have a name that does not endorse any
> specific existing project, is in line with numpy/scipy, and reflects
> its initial development via this mailing list. The poll is located at
> the same URL as before.
> The polls will be open unti Friday 1st July at 9pm EST.
> Thanks!
> Thomas

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