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Chris Sontag sontag at stsci.edu
Mon Jan 9 16:07:23 EST 2012

Hi Joe,

If Taro's suggestion isn't working for you, let me know off list.  There are a few different options to get this to work the way you need.

And if there is a bug (or "unexpected feature"), we'd like to fix it.

Finally, I believe we can get EPAR to do what you want, but to answer your question about a non-GUI version, yes, you can try "tpar" in PyRAF, for a terminal version (it requires the "urwid" package).


On 1/7/12 2:23 AM, Joe Philip Ninan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been recently rewriting to pyraf all my photometry iraf scripts.
> For using the daofind and then phot task in noan.digiphot.daophot we
> first have to set the parameter files.
> Following is that section from my code.
> #--------------------(all the variables fwhm psfradi sigma datamin
> aperture etc. have been defined before in code)---------
>      iraf.daopar(matchra=fwhm, psfrad=psfradi, fitrad=fwhm)
>      iraf.datapar(fwhmpsf=fwhm, sigma=sigma, datamin=datamin,
> datamax=65000 , readnoi=4.8 , epadu=1.22 ,itime=intime,
> ifilter=filterr)
>      iraf.fitskypar(annulus=270, dannulu=12 )
>      iraf.photpar(apertur=aperture)
>      iraf.daofind(image=img)
>      #Going forward to do phot
>      iraf.phot(image=img)
> #----------------------------------------------------
> Now , when I run this code. It does displays the epar daopar, datapar
> etc in the GUI epar window of the pyraf with all correct values set.
> But when I press "Save&  Quit" button and reaches the daofind or phot
> task. It is executing without all the seted parameters.
> It looks like inspite of me clicking on "Save&  Quit" button. It is
> not getting saved. and the phot and daofind task are using some
> default setting in my uparm/
> In iraf, I had the same problem if i gave :wq in epar. But if I gave
> :w and then :q separately it used to work.
> There is no :w equivalent button in pyraf's GUI epar window.
> Can somebody point out some workaround for this problem? Is it
> possible in pyraf to get the non GUI epar window of iraf?
> Thanking you
> Joe
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