[AstroPy] how to initialize Ureka?

gonghang.naoc ghang.naoc at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 00:15:47 EST 2014

Hi all,
It seems everything has been done. However I have tried many times and can
not install or initialize it successfully.

I follow the installing method here (
First I download Ureka_linux-rhe5_64_1.4.1.1. tar.gz  from
http://ssb.stsci.edu/ureka/  and
extract it to /usr/Ureka .

[root at localhost bin]# sh  /usr/Ureka/bin/ur_normalize
Normalizing Ureka found in /usr/Ureka
Updating library references...
..Ureka core
..variant: common
Updating symbolic links...
..variant: common
Updating shebang lines...

It is possible to have multiple copies of Ureka on your system.  To
distinguish them, you give each a name.  You can use this name later
with ur_setup to choose which copy of Ureka you want to use.

You have no existing Ureka installs configured

The name can only contain letters, digits, underline and dash.

Enter an installation name:

Ureka needs to add a few lines to your login scripts.  It can
check if they are already there and automatically add them if
needed.  Answer yes unless you know a particular reason to
answer no.

Automatically configure login scripts?  Enter yes or no [yes]: y

WARNING - y is not a valid response
Automatically configure login scripts?  Enter yes or no [yes]: yes

Ureka is installed.  Log in a new terminal window and type the command



    ur_setup common ureka

to select your Ureka environment.  'ur_setup -h' will show some help.

After I run ur_test,  if I run ur_setup in the same window, ur_setup  can
be recognized.  No  'ur_setup: command not found...'  will appear.

If I continue in the same window, for example, I run 'ecl',  it will  let
me configure the variables.
How to configure the variables?
And if I open a new terminal window,  ur_setup will not be recognized.

Anybody is  running Ureka successfully?  Who knows how to solve the problem

Thank you very much.
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