[BangPypers] Responding to people who lack the curiosity

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Sat Jun 13 04:00:14 CEST 2009

On Friday 12 June 2009 14:05:18 Mandar Gokhale wrote:
> Jayanth: I've come to lament the factory like nature of IT in India. People
> learn extremely minimal subset of specialized skills. I've had chaps who
> can't see beyond .NET or Java very simply because these are industry
> idioms. I tell them stuff about perl, python or ruby and I get back "but
> those are scripting languages".
> Just a slightly unrelated question here.......doesn't the industry follow
> .NET and Java more than Python/Perl as well? (I've heard this said by
> several people in the States as well.) So maybe a change in the industry
> mindset would help..

there is a pecking order - generally Java programmers are at the top of the 
heap. They usually would not even condescend to _talk_ to a non-java 
programmer. If you cannot write 5000 lines of UML to generate 10000 lines of 
XML to generate 50000 lines of java code, you are no one. 

the next in the food chain are DOTNET guys - ability to click, drag and drop 
is essential. Ability to think is optional (at times actionable).

and at the bottom of the food chain are the scripting guys - also useful to 
send round the corner for coffee.

but the moment these guys leave industry - guess what language they choose?

and why do the corporates not change? Take TCS, they have 50K java programmers 
- they can't afford to retrain them. So it is not a question of Java is best 
for enterprise (we all know python is the best), but a question of enterprise 
has invested too much in java programmers and cannot afford to shift from java 
(or dotnet as the case may be)

Kenneth Gonsalves

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