[BangPypers] PyCon India logo contest!

Pankaj Nathani croozeus at yahoo.com
Wed May 20 11:05:01 CEST 2009

Hi Python brothers,

I am recent subscriber to this mailing list. Actually, I didn't know about Bangpypers before reading an email from Anand in the PyCon US mailing list. Pity, I might have missed many healthy discussions here earlier, but its better late than never :-)

Something about me: My name is Pankaj Nathani and people know me as Croozeus in PyS60 world. I am a developer of mobile applications on Symbian platform. I spend most of my time developing applications on Python for S60. For those of who may not be familair with Python for S60 - better known as PyS60, is Nokia’s port of the Python runtime to the S60 smartphone platform. 

I am pretty much excited about PyCon India. I had been invited to speak about PyS60 at PyCon Brazil eariler and am looking forward see some PyS60 topics on the agenda of PyCon India as well.

Not to deviate much from the topic of the email - PyCon India logo - How about something like the graphic attached herewith? Just scribbled something that struct my mind. Would appreciate comments. (Ah, I am not a designer;-) )

Best Regards,

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We need more submissions. The ideas are good but unless someone
actually gets down to drawing them, we can't really use them.
Anand had a nice idea about involving a snake charmer somehow into the logo.

I've asked a couple of my artist buddies to take a crack at the logo.
As soon as I get their work, I'll send it to the list. One thing which
he mentioned was if we are making a dead trees type sponsorship kit,
we'll need a high resolution print version of the logo.

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