[BangPypers] Opensolaris sessions on Saturday at 3 pm at Thoughtworks Bangalore

Anurag Priyam anurag08priyam at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 10:47:29 CET 2009

> Based on a survey that I had put out, the following are the topics
> that we'll cover:
> 1. Observing and investigating processes using Dtrace - Pradhap
> Devarajan, Sun Microsystems
> 2. What's exciting about the ZFS filesystem - Sriram Narayanan,
> Thoughtworks
> 3. Deployments made easy - Zones and ZFS - Moinak Ghosh, Belenix Lead
> Developer

These sound very exciting. Could someone please upload the slides somewhere
where others, who did not attend the session can download and view them?

Anurag Priyam
2nd Year,Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kharagpur.

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