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On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 5:44 PM, Azhagu selvan <azhaguselvan at gmx.com> wrote:

> CodersCombat is not for hosting a *single* person's code somewhere on the
> web.
> It's meant to be a online collaboration platform for a team of devs.
> Rs.600 gives you
> a project and three user logins. So ours is dead cheap :)

Clearly CodersCombat is an intriguing name to an online collaboration
platform for devs.

First of all I would suggest you do take a look at the name and see if it
makes sense. At least in my perception - it is a platform where developers
are likely to compete not collaborate. And you really really don't want to
have a name which means something different than what the product offers.

> And remember those paid plans from all the other source code hosting
> providers are
> month based. But ours is you pay Rs.600/year.

For paid plans - it is certainly cheaper than github and bitbucket paid
plans. But there are many others. Take a look at
http://www.assembla.com/plans. You don't have to respond to it online - but
make a case at least to yourself why someone would pay you 600 Rs./Month
instead of free private repositories on Assembla. And really as far as
getting end users is concerned, the big hurdle is between Rs. 0.00 and Rs.
0.01. Once you are beyond that 600 vs. 6000 imo doesn't matter so much.

Its good you are attempting to do something constructive and personally
meaningful and enriching. Rather than be critical of the initiative I would
support your enthusiasm. But really do make a good market study and create
something that creates a compelling reason for people to use your products.
I am not sure thats visible yet.

> >  Maybe they give you a free IPL ticket with that... ? :)
> May be in next season :D

Can I get it with a free account ? :D :D


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