[BangPypers] Regarding web framework in Python

Jins Thomas jinsthomas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 09:47:30 CET 2010

Hi All,

Would like to ask one suggestion from bangpypers.

I have a oracle  database in Unix and need to create a web based GUI to
execute some queries/scripts  (via buttons) and save that in csv either in
Unix or in windows. I was thinking of using Django framework. Btw i'm
relatively new in python.  Woud anybody please suggest whether Django is a
good candidate for this. I succesfully installed Django and worked with some
sample codes. Is there any similar framework which is more  reccomondable
than Django. Atleast this time i want to get this done with python. Many
times i wanted to do things in python for some reason or other reason i was
forced to use some other technology.  I have some doubts like

1. Django sample webserver cannot be used when it's mission critical?  Will
this django framework supports apache or tomcat servers.

2. Certain query results i would like to display in graphs. I had mailed
before asking suggestion for creating charts/bar/pie graphs with python and
got a good number of suggestions like pychart, pygoogle chart open flash
etc. I was just thinking how difficult is to integrate these stuffs in
Django framework. Also couldn't actually finalize a good framework to use
for creating this graphs. I'm absolutely in confusion which'll be better to
use. Would anybody suggest what's the usual thought process in taking
decisions like this.

Thanks alot
Jins Thomas

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