[BangPypers] Introducing a "new" project

Philippe May phil.nabble at hanjinet.org
Thu Mar 3 19:46:33 CET 2011

Hi Senthil,

>> Wish somewhere in docs you will mention, justification of choosing
>> these components. Especially to answer questions like why not flask
>> instead of Django , why Twisted, why not just Twisted.
> If you think from the overall perspective of 'what service' the
> product is going to provide, I don't think it matters.
> People are interested in value and won't much care about how you
> provide it. Ofcourse, as developers, sometimes after trying out few
> things we may switch one buzz-word for another due to certain
> advantages, but most often we stick to what can be provided easily and
> the you are (developer) comfortable with or you can easily learn and
> implement.

For applications not requiring "special" networking capabilities, Hanji is almost the same than the plain Django so many developers will feel comfortable.

> Tried the demo, it is good. Please don't have many TODO markers in
> your docs.
> -- 
> Senthil

Thanks. Hope to add more apps soon, demonstrating use cases (for example: chat, file sharing, photo albums, music streaming). The "map" applet shows another side project related to mobility and telcos, that might be a good drive for Hanji.
Will clean up the doc.


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