[BangPypers] Zope : uninstallation error in windows

Vishal vsapre80 at gmail.com
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This "seems" not connected with python...since this error looks like
cropping up because InnoSetup could not pickup all the items that would be
needed during uninstall. First thing would be to check if the InnoSetup
conf script mentions that this setup needs to be uninstalled.

If you can distribute your app as executable (the user does not need it to
be in script forms), the 'safe and sound' way is to first freeze it
using, bb-freeze or cx_freeze or py2exe, then test the frozen app and then
create an installer for the executable so created. I found bb-freeze to be
good since it could do the same for Linux, Mac and Windows, without any
changes to driver script.

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On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Shashidhar Paragonda <
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> Hello Python hackers,
>         >>> I am facing typical uninstaller error on windows machine.
>         >>> I have created our application setup installer through
> Innosetupcompiler in windows.
>         >>> I have installed Zope, Python, and all the addons for python
> and zope at source installer folder and used same to create setup
> installer.
>         >>> I am installed complete application on other machine,
> everything is fine with installation all the services were started
> automatically and application     starts and works fine.
>         >>> But when I try to uninstall from Add/remove lists it throughs
> exception:
>                *InternalError: cannot find utCompiledCode record for this
> uninstaller
> *         >>>*  *and I do see there is uninst000.exe file inside
> application source path. Even if i try uninstalling by clicking same I get
> same error
>         >>> can anyone have any idea or suggestions for this exception!.
>         >>> thanks in advance for help.
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