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On Saturday 05 August 2017 02:07 PM, vijay kumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> As we discussed couple of months ago[0], PythonExpress project requires
> funding to take care of certain things.
> a) Keeping the tutor motivated and encouraged to conduct multiple workshops
> seems to be tough. Even though we take care of travel and accommodation
> with or without the help of colleges, we find short of tutors some times.
> IMO, we should provide a small token amount to tutors to show appreciation.
> b) we should think of an option to provide college students certificates as
> a workshop without certificates is not welcomed as much by all colleges and
> students.
> I think that this can be resolved in 2 ways.
> 1. Request college to pay us if they need certificates - hard copy.
> 2. Generate soft copies of certificate (PDF) and share it with students
> once college uploads the student details.
> Also,
> c) Conducting Intermediate level workshop for the students who has taken
> the the beginners level since we are not able to find tutors.


What we have in India is a lack of mentors. This is no just with
PythonExpress but with any similar project providing post-collegiate
education free or at a minimal cost.

There is the need for a system that will train the trainers, teach the

PythonExpress should think of conducting intermediate level workshops
with a view of teaching the tutors, training the trainers. For this a
certification can be introduced and a very nominal fee charged to take
care of the expenses.

This model will work out better in a long time frame since are
replenishing the supply side (provider side) of the equation. The demand
side will always be there and growing.

Experienced people can be asked to give such workshops. If we do this, I
will be glad to volunteer.

> Kindly let us know your thoughts on the same.
> [0] : http://lists.pssi.org.in/pipermail/pythonexpress/2017-
> April/000182.html



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