[BangPypers] [X-POST] Call for proposals for PyConf Hyderabad 2017

ram sagar rammy.sagar at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 04:36:27 EDT 2017

Dear BangPypers,

We are happy and thrilled to announce call for proposals (CFP) [1] for
first annual Python conference in Hyderabad , PyConf Hyderabad 2017

The conference is a two day event:
07th October : Workshops
08th October : Talks

If you are a Python programmer or doing amazing stuff with Python or a
open source Python developer, and you want to share your ideas to the
Python community, please feel
free to submit your proposals for PyConf Hyderabad 2017

Link to submit the talks[1]

The last date for the CFP is 31st August, 2017

For more details about the conference , please visit our PyConf
Hyderabad website[2].

We request you to please spread the word by liking our social media
posts[3],[4] and sharing them.

If you have any queries , please reach out to us at [5] or write to
our mailing list[6]

Links :
[1] https://pyconfhyd.talkfunnel.com/2017/
[2] http://pyconf.hydpy.org/
[3] https://www.facebook.com/HydPy/
[4] https://twitter.com/hydPython
[5] contact at hydpy.org
[6] hydpy at python.org

Thanks & Regards
Ram Sagar Mourya

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