[Baypiggies] Python Application Servers

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Sat Dec 3 02:01:37 CET 2005

Sebastian Jayaraj wrote:

>We have had very good success with Plone. Relatively simple to set up 
>and easy to teach users. Also check out its inbuilt site search 
>capability that index documents like PDF, word, etc.
I don't think you could get Plone to run with mod_python -- it's a Zope 
application. It's also not the lightest-weight CMS out there.  That 
said, it works great when you use it appropriately (I've set it up for a 
pretty heavily visited Web site), and it puts most things that call 
themselves CMSes to shame.

However ... it's only a breeze to setup and teach users if you accept 
the defaults or need only simple changes.  They've done a great job with 
the UI, so for an intranet you might well be satisfied with changes you 
can make in CSS or  through settings in the ZMI. However, if you need to 
do something more significant, you'll have a pretty steep learning curve 
(unless you're already familiar with Zope).  If you find yourself in 
that situation, I'd suggest buying one of the books on Plone (I like 
Andy McKay's book; I have a colleague who J. Cameron Cooper's book).


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