[Baypiggies] (Apr) Agenda?, Last call for IDE demonstrators + (May) Survey re

Stephen McInerney spmcinerney at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 10 06:50:53 CEST 2006

Tony, Aahz, people,

* The April agenda appears to be confused beyond belief. I have no clue
what's likely to happen next Thursday. This is a direct result of throwing 
out a mishmash of topic names without any specific speakers/moderators 
(I'm trying to be constructive and preemptive here, not critical of anyone.)

* The IDE thing may turn into a mess and should be cancelled, unless we get 
several volunteers pronto (5 would be nice). People, many of you've been 
asking about IDEs for the last three years, you know exactly who you are, 
now is the time to step up and make this thing happen (or not).
This would be a prime opportunity for new speakers. You only need to demo 
the thing for 3-5min.
I say we cancel it if we don't have 5 names by Monday.

>I think trying to determine the group's focus will undoubtedly cause a lot
>of discussions and can easily take up a lot of time.

Yes and that's precisely the reason I humbly suggest we postpone that 
discussion, until May when we have hard statistical data from the survey, 
covering a representative sample of the entire 332-member group - which is 
the precise reason I'm running the survey, it ends 4/30 and I guarantee you 
I will have 15+ pages of graphs and hard data which I would like to present 
at Google on May 11.
We already know that we get a largely different constituency at Ironport 
nights than at Google, so
if we attempt to take collective decisions or reach consensus this 
The last thing I want is a heated timewasting discussion about the group's 
I already have 17(!) responses on the survey after only 8 hours uptime; 
whereas we generally only get 30-60 people total at Ironport nights, and 
most of the Googlers skip it completely.
So please, table this for May, and the name discussion, June or beyond.

The sprint/pair programming discussion (+ IDEs, if that can happen) I would 
much prefer.
That's just my personal preference.
Over to the rest of you?


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