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Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Sat Dec 2 03:52:02 CET 2006

Tony Cappellini wrote:
>I had posted that we skip December's meeting a while back, but Dennis shot 
>it down.

News to me.  I don't remember shooting down skipping the meeting but it 
could be true.  My memory is that I have been generally dubious about 
having a December meeting (e.g. 

>My presentation is ready, but holding a meeting with only one short 
>presentation isn't worth it.

IMO, your presentation would gain a larger audience if it were presented 
some month other than December.

Perhaps this is something which could kick start a Feb. meeting for whoever 
succeeds me as meeting organizer.  JJ has also volunteered to make a short 
presentation.  Combined, that is a 30 minute kick start to start a 
potential Feb. program.

Aahz wrote:

>The meetings will take care of themselves somehow if those two conditions 
>are met [mailing list and meeting room].

My mileage *does* vary <grin>.  For my part, I prefer planned meetings over 
unplanned meetings.

>Side note: I suggest that the February meeting be used for people who
>want to practice a PyCon presentation.

Another good kick start for Feb. Meeting organizer.

Stephen McInerney wrote:

>I suggest now is the time to:
>- define a small board of officers,
>- define their responsibilities
>(e.g. organizer, webmaster(s), meeting scheduler, email moderator)
>- hold an election as part of the Feb meeting.
>Otherwise things will continue to be as before, without a charter and
>a formal structure.

I support this *idea*.  Where I am having questions is in the 
implementation.  Feb. may be too late if we want to have a Feb. program 
pulled together.  Feb may be too early if there is to be any kind of 
charter/structure in place.  Basically, I just don't have a clear view of 
the timing.

Early in 2006, we discussed having an organizing meeting.  Perhaps it is 
time to resurrect this idea.  ... however, there is near unanimity that 
December is a terrible time to have a meeting.

That said, I am willing to work at setting up a charter/structure ... but 
this group/list needs to figure out who is organizing future meetings 
starting with Feb. 2007.

>We seriously need a board of officers.

I support this.

Marilyn Davis wrote:

>Thank you Dennis, for all you have done.  Working with you has been a 
>great pleasure and it's a part of why I have volunteered the little bit 
>that I have.

Thank you for the kind words.

Regards, Dennis

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