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Thu Dec 14 14:41:32 CET 2006

On 12/14/06, Leslie Hawthorn <lhawthorn at google.com> wrote:
> I can check to see if the room is available at 6 instead of 7.  Then
> perhaps socializing until the presentation at 7 PM?  We'll see if this works
> out well with catering, security and events.
> Cheers,
> LH

Leslie, that would be tres cool, though I understand if it doesn't work out
on such short notice.  Now that the group has gotten larger and we're at a
different venue, I think we've had to designate a "maestro" to orchestrate
the start and stop times of the meetings.  Dennis has done a tremendous job,
and not to take anything away from him, I remember he said he was never
really fond of meetings with no set agenda, so it's understandable if
icebreaking time is not really included in the meeting plan.  It's
important, though, I think.

As I was explaining to someone yesterday at the SD Forum Amazon Web Services
event, when BayPIGgies was smaller, I remember when Chad Netzer would come
in the room bearing bags of Sun chips, Ruffles and packages of Keebler
chocolate chip cookies, and several bottles of soda, and we'd wait until the
presentation was over before we dug in (once he even brought in a cooler
filled with bottles of beer).  We would pass around the hat so someone could
get reimbursed for the cost of the goodies, and then would commence 2
glorious hours of milling around snacking and chatting it up with
like-minded folk.  Those were fun times, and hearing Anna and Marilyn makes
me long for those days.  Sometimes it would even spill over into the parking
lot after hours when the room had to be closed and locked.  Now we've gone
from BYOB to catered events.  What other interest group do you know of
though where the creator is also a member ?  It's still a rare opportunity
that in my experience is very much the cherry on top to any entrant in the
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