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> Leslie, that would be tres cool, though I understand if it doesn't work
> out on such short notice.  Now that the group has gotten larger and we're at
> a different venue, I think we've had to designate a "maestro" to orchestrate
> the start and stop times of the meetings.  Dennis has done a tremendous job,
> and not to take anything away from him, I remember he said he was never
> really fond of meetings with no set agenda, so it's understandable if
> icebreaking time is not really included in the meeting plan.  It's
> important, though, I think.
> As I was explaining to someone yesterday at the SD Forum Amazon Web
> Services event, when BayPIGgies was smaller, I remember when Chad Netzer
> would come in the room bearing bags of Sun chips, Ruffles and packages of
> Keebler chocolate chip cookies, and several bottles of soda, and we'd wait
> until the presentation was over before we dug in (once he even brought in a
> cooler filled with bottles of beer).  We would pass around the hat so
> someone could get reimbursed for the cost of the goodies, and then would
> commence 2 glorious hours of milling around snacking and chatting it up with
> like-minded folk.  Those were fun times, and hearing Anna and Marilyn makes
> me long for those days.  Sometimes it would even spill over into the parking
> lot after hours when the room had to be closed and locked.  Now we've gone
> from BYOB to catered events.  What other interest group do you know of
> though where the creator is also a member ?  It's still a rare opportunity
> that in my experience is very much the cherry on top to any entrant in the
> field.
> I'll see what I can do and I will bring pretzels and other chips.  We can
dig in whenever.


Leslie Hawthorn
Open Source Program Office
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