[Baypiggies] Python tutorials

John J. Dooley jxd6 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 3 21:32:48 CET 2006

Currently, I am going thru the Nevow examples for my own education. This is 
that simple index.html file that allows the example to be run and the source 
displayed in a browser. For me this is a very effective way of learning.

If anyone knows of any Python related package that has adopted the Nevow 
example scheme I would appreciate knowing about it.

A customer of mine (develops in java and C#) is a mobile system integrator 
and would benefit greatly by using Python support in many areas. I am 
thinking about preparing tutorials in the Nevow example format for some key 
areas (network testing, log scraping, blah, ...) but could use more examples 
than I could write from scratch.

The Nevow examples is probably pushing the complexity tolerance 
(Introspection, interfaces, etc.) for the customer. Don't exclude anything 
you may think is too simple. Include games (this is a sell job), strange 
products(RS-485, LonWorks,..), Windows, Unisys interfaces, blah,.. - nothing 
is too strange or specialized.


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