[Baypiggies] Python tutorials

Brian Mahoney mrbmahoney at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 22:01:23 CET 2006

The wxPython Demo uses a tabbed pane for the wxPython
feature selected from a tree of features. There is a tab for
Overview, and if there is any code, a tab for any Demo Code,
and a tab for running the Demo code, sometimes with
output in that tab or else in additional launched windows.
The selections in "Using Images" and "Miscellaneous" have some
attention getting demos.

I don't know of anything at the wxPython Wiki or any document
that describes these demos, just select a demo and read the
"Overview" tab.

The wxPython 2.6 Docs and Demos are in a package with some
form of the name "demo". They are no longer in the binary for
wxPython, which works out better in the long run.
At http://www.wxpython.org/download.php

Also, wxPython widgets are incorporated,  or may possibly be
added (YMMV) to PythonCard.

On 3/3/06, John J. Dooley <jxd6 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Currently, I am going thru the Nevow examples for my own education. This is
> that simple index.html file that allows the example to be run and the source
> displayed in a browser. For me this is a very effective way of learning.
> If anyone knows of any Python related package that has adopted the Nevow
> example scheme I would appreciate knowing about it.
> A customer of mine (develops in java and C#) is a mobile system integrator
> and would benefit greatly by using Python support in many areas. I am
> thinking about preparing tutorials in the Nevow example format for some key
> areas (network testing, log scraping, blah, ...) but could use more examples
> than I could write from scratch.
> The Nevow examples is probably pushing the complexity tolerance
> (Introspection, interfaces, etc.) for the customer. Don't exclude anything
> you may think is too simple. Include games (this is a sell job), strange
> products(RS-485, LonWorks,..), Windows, Unisys interfaces, blah,.. - nothing
> is too strange or specialized.
> Thanks

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