[Baypiggies] Software engineer wanted for Python + wxPython(MSW) development in Palo Alto

Kelly Yancey kbyanc at posi.net
Thu Mar 9 00:13:56 CET 2006

   NTTMCL, a small research and development subsidiary of one Japan's
NTT, is looking for a software engineer to join a project developing
Windows client software implemented in python.  When the project is
completed, the software will be distributed to hundreds of thousands of
people in Japan.  We have already delivered an initial working version
to our Japanese parent company, but additional features must be
implemented before they will distribute it to the public.
   The product consists of client and server components, both
implemented in python.  In addition, we are using wxPython for the
client's user interface, sqlite (via pysqlite) for the client-side
database, and postgresql (via pyPgSQL) for the server-side database.  In
addition to extending the existing product, we'll also be porting the
client to more flavors of Windows including Windows Mobile 5.  You would
be working in a small team of two or three people, including myself;
feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any questions.



Kelly Yancey  -  kbyanc@{posi.net,FreeBSD.org}  -  kelly at nttmcl.com

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