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I think you'll need to read about gnome-print--i.e. how to print under
GNOME in C.  There's probably more information on that.  Once you
understand it in C, it's usually easy to figure out how to use the
bindings.  It's very often the case that the documentation for how to
use the bindings is far smaller than the documentation for how to use
the library itself.  Alternatively, find a program that uses the
Python bindings for gnome-print and see how they do it.

I think it's fair to say that most Python programmers have never used

Best of Luck,

On 3/8/06, Steve V. <Steve at amadman.com> wrote:
> I am new to python and really like what ive seen so far.  i am trying to get
> a good feel for it and see where it is usefull and where it isnt.  my
> question is in regards to python and printing (physically printing to a
> printer through unix).  ive read up on gnome-print, libgnomeprint(ui), cups
> and just about everything else i can think of but find little results. also,
> i tried looking through this list archive but didnt find a search option (am
> i looking in the wrong spot?) so this has landed me here.  your help and
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   the only thing ive found is that
> python(or pygtk) does have bindings for gnome-print but i have yet to find
> any examples.
> so my newb question is this:
> Is printing through python do-able or am i barking up the wrong tree with
> the wrong tool.
> if it is something worthwhile to look into, any idears or points in the
> right direction you could show me?
> ~Steve
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