[Baypiggies] Python + Mathematica = Pythonika

Ero Carrera ecarrera at lightforge.com
Thu Nov 9 12:50:57 CET 2006

Hi guys,

I hope this will be of interest to some members of the list.

I have just released a free MathLink module for Mathematica that  
makes it possible to write (and run) Python code within Mathematica's  
notebooks. It handles the conversion of Python and Mathematica  
objects transparently and allows to use all of Python's modules in  
the machine (Mathematica, Numarray, NetworkX, etc. all at once :-P ).

I find the mix of Mathematica's interactivity with Python to be a  
really good combination.

Pythonika is available at:


(an example notebook is available on the previous link as well as in  
the downloaded package)

Entry in the Wolfram Information Center:


The download includes source code and binaries for OSX/Windows/Linux.


Ero Carrera

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