[Baypiggies] handling timeouts, normal completion, or exceptions when interacting with CVS

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 04:36:29 CET 2006

Does anyone in the group have any experience with interacting with CVS from

I've written a script which will checkout files from CVS, however, I don' t
know how to check for normal completion, errors or exceptions.

There are many people using CVS for this massive project, so we can't just
switch to a source control which has better scripting abilities.  We are
stuck with CVS, so please don't reply with "Don't use CVS"

def SendCVSCommand(self)

      self.__cvsCmd = "cvs update -A -C someArchiveName" # hard-coded for

         hProcess = popen(self.__cvsCmd, "r") # will run the cvs command,
and checkout this module to the current directory

         # how to check for errors?
      except: # bad idea, but better than nothing for now
         self.__FatalError = True
         print"\nException was encountered while processing this cvs command
line %s\n" % self.__cvsCmd

I'm using 30 seconds for the sleep time, but what I would like to do is exit
this routine early, if the CVS command finishes before 30 seconds are up.
I don't know how to check if the cvs command has finised normally, or with

Does anyone have any suggestions how to handle erros or completion in a
process like this?

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