[Baypiggies] temporary help needed

Laurence Clark hsuclarklarry at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 2 22:03:12 CET 2007

"we won't have time to "teach you" and you need to be able to look at the code ...
If your rate is higher than $50 an hour.. we can't afford you :-("

Is this an indicator of the current software development labor market? Someone with a lot of experience and a perfect match of very specific skill requirements gets $50 and hour for temp work with no benefits? Good thing I'm going into health-care for my day-job!. Still love hacking out code though. Too bad my days of making a decent living at it are over. I'm going to go send in my nursing school applications now.

Donna Snow wrote:
> Hi,
> (I posted this to plone-users  but wanted to see if anyone local is
> interested in helping with this project.. we are looking for a third
> person to help on occasional projects so this is a good opportunity
> for someone who has background in zope/plone to get to know us and
> establish an ongoing relationship with our company.. )
> We need someone who just happens to be in between projects and can
> spare a week or two helping us to get caught up on an intranet project
> we inherited.
> Need someone who can be brought up to speed quickly... is comfy in
> Zope/Plone (2.5.3) and a good python coder with some experience in
> z3..we won't have time to
> "teach you" and you need to be able to look at the code .. and figure
> out what it's doing.... documentation is better than it was.. but it's
> still not as good as it could be... .. we need someone who can help
> with development on an application and help squash bugs... (you also
> need to be able to setup vpn on your machine to log into the dev
> environment and must be comfortable with svn)
> Someone who can take over an application (product)..finish it and
> debug it OR
> Someone who can go through an elementool bug tracker and start squashing
> bugs AND/OR
> Someone who has strong templating/css skills to help with some of the form
> layout work on these applications...
> we could also use someone with some strong Mochi Kit (javascript) knowledge
> for some javascript debugging on one of the apps
> If your rate is higher than $50 an hour.. we can't afford you :-(
> (wish we could) but we'll consider you for projects in the future...
> I'd like to get someone started ASAP.. (so we can bring you up to speed.)
> Please submit your resume and hourly.. and your availability (offlist
> please) to donna at csquaredtech.com
> No calls please
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