[Baypiggies] Unfortunate

Daniel Lord daniel at brightfire.com
Wed Jan 31 02:12:35 CET 2007

I have been a memeber of this mailing list for a little over a month or two.
I joined with great hope of hearing great discussions and insights on
everything 'pythonic' given that the SF Bay Area is home to Google
which uses a lot of Python (so I am told).

And yet, qualitatively, about a couple of percent (give or take a few)
of the traffic on this mailing list so far has been about Python since
I've joined. The rest is
whining/insulting/bickering/table-pounding/etc/etc about the list
logistics, the name (which I think is clever--SIGs are half-expected
to have droll puns for their names BTW) which all other lists I belong
to have settled ages ago.

I think it is a great opportunity missed. If you are wondering why the
readship is small, I think I know why now. It is a great missed
opportunity. I'll be moving off the list and on elsewhere.

I don't have time for negative people or lists:

Daniel Lord

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