[Baypiggies] Free three month PDF subscription to Python Magazine

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Tue Jul 29 20:57:39 CEST 2008

I'm forwarding Doug's email regarding how to take advantage of the  
BayPIGgies free three month subscription. My only concern is, since  
BayPIGgies is an archived and public list, this may be a bit more  
public than Doug wants (please see below). If we have the option of  
not archiving this message, that would be great. Otherwise, I'll have  
to be gatekeeper to those who see this and who aren't members of  
BayPIGgies (although I'm actually way too busy for such things and  
would rather not).

In general:
1) Go to http://www.pythonmagazine.com/
2) Sign up (free) with your email address (this does not get you the  
3) Send me the email address you used to sign up
4) I will forward all of the email addresses to Doug. He will activate  
the free PDF subscription from the list I send him.

For details, please read below my signature.

Warmest Regards,

Glen Jarvis
glen at glenjarvis.com

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -M. Gandhi

On Jul 29, 2008, at 4:37 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:

> Hi, Glen,
> On Jul 28, 2008, at 10:03 PM, Glen Jarvis wrote:
>> Doug,
>>  I believe we spoke a few times about articles in Python magazine.  
>> I'm writing today
> Yes, I finally have the draft of that AppEngine article.  Let me get  
> back to you about the direction the author is taking.
>> regarding a special promotion for the BayPIGgies listserv group. I  
>> personally would like to purchase a paper subscription to the  
>> magazine. However, I am a member of BayPIGgies
> Excellent!
>> and have heard several other members who were very interested in  
>> the offer previously mentioned (three month free PDF subscription  
>> to the magazine). If we can work out the details of this agreement,  
>> I'd like to order the magazine but make certain members of  
>> BayPIGgies can also get the three month PDF subscription.
> To take advantage of the offer, each member of the group should go  
> to our web site (http://www.pythonmagazine.com) and set up an  
> account (that's already free).  When they register, the site will  
> ask them for an email address to identify the account.  If a single  
> member of the group (you or someone you nominate) sends me a list of  
> all the email addresses used (no names, just email addresses), I'll  
> make sure we enable the subscriptions.
> You can announce the offer at your next meeting, or right away if  
> your group has a private communication channel like a mailing list  
> (i.e., please don't post the offer on your blog).
> I've received a few requests for details, so I'll refer them to you  
> as my point of contact.  Give the group a couple of weeks to sign  
> up, and then send me the list of addresses.
> Thanks,
> Doug
> --
> Doug Hellmann
> Editor in Chief
> Python Magazine

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