[Baypiggies] College course in Bay Area

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 17:48:47 CEST 2009

I took the "Python for Programmers" class at UCSC Extension last fall
with instructor Dilip Dedhia.


I have taken four classes with Dilip and six at UCSC extension, so
obviously I find value in the offerings, but the Python course was the
weakest.   I definitely learned some Python programming from the
course, enough to develop little widgets using PyS60 using Eclipse.
On the other hand, the textbook "Guide to Programming with Python" was
a bit infantile and somewhat out of date, and I suspect there's a
better choice for students who are new to Python but not to
programming.   The course is now taught by Marilyn Davis rather than

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