[Baypiggies] Assuming NoPython is good criticism. (Rant)

Rich Pixley rich.pixley at palm.com
Wed Sep 9 01:14:37 CEST 2009

Also, the modules system leaves a bit to be desired.  The difference 
between foo.py:foo.foo, foo/index.py:foo.foo, foo/foo.py:foo.foo, etc, 
is subtle, undocumented, and there is no means of disambiguating.

Similarly, the pathing issues involved in packaging have not been well 
solved, although they have in many other dynamic languages.  The net 
effect is that people tend to write single huge files simply because of 
the packaging issues.

Personally, I think it's sad that the packaging and community library 
attempts, (like pypi & EasyInstall[sic]), have been language specific 
rather than leveraging the packaging systems native to the OS, (like 
rpm, debian, etc).  While this makes it easier to interactively download 
one package on one uncontrolled machine, it makes it more difficult to 
do things like automated loads across multiple servers, multiple server 
instances for things like clean machine installs, qa, etc.

And...  I miss unexec.

ps, psyco only runs on 32-bit x86's.  It's no use on arm, powerpc, or amd64.

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