[Baypiggies] Front-End Python/Django Web Developer role in Menlo Park

Donald James Donald at damagents.com
Fri Aug 6 20:27:30 CEST 2010

Hello, all;


I wanted to reach out to the list regarding a full-time Front-End Web
Development role that I have with a stealth-mode startup that is looking
to change the way that people are protected online.  They're well &
recently funded, and have a small core group in place, so this is very
good time to get in at the ground-floor level, and really help drive the
direction of the company's future.


With regards to the position itself, the candidate would participate in
the selection of development tools, design and implementation of the
presentation layer, in addition to some back-end integration work.  The
ideal candidate would need to have experience with Django/Python, in
addition to HTML, CSS, Javascript (using one or more Javascript
framework) and AJAX.


Since they're still in stealth-mode, I can't say much else regarding
what they're working on without an NDA, although one of the components
of the UI is based on social gaming/game mechanics, so candidates that
have experience with Facebook platforms or social gaming is a HUGE plus.


This is NOT an "equity-only" position, and the salary range for this
role may top out at around $115K-$120K or so, although it's dependent
upon the candidate in question.


I've got a great relationship with the Founder, so this is not just a
position where a recruiter is "putting bodies over the fence and hoping
something sticks." They're looking to get someone on board very quickly,
so if this position sounds interesting to you, please feel free to
respond to me directly, and I'll answer any questions that you may have.


Thanks, everyone.







Donald James






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