[Baypiggies] Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) 2.0.3 released

Nagappan Alagappan nagappan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 08:29:40 CET 2010


About LDTP:

Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test
automation framework (using GNOME / Python) and cutting-edge tools that can
be used to test Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the Accessibility
libraries to poke through the application's user interface. We strive to
help in building a quality desktop.

Changes in this release:

Return always unicode string in gettextvalue, required to fix automated test
script in VMware Workstation
Fix ooldtp compatibility with LDTPv1 as reported by Mago [1] team
Patch by James Tatum for getallstates compatible with hasstate function
Fix bug b.g.o#608413
Fix Firefox preference accessing bug, reported by Aaron Yuan <
yuanchong1986 at gmail.com>

Download source:

Download RPM from
Will schedule deb build in openSUSE build service tomorrow

Documentation references:

For detailed information on LDTP framework and latest updates visit

For information on various APIs in LDTP including those added for this
release can be got from http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/user-doc/index.html

Report bugs - http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/wiki/Bugs

To subscribe to LDTP mailing lists, visit

IRC Channel - #ldtp on irc.freenode.net


[1] - http://mago.ubuntu.com

Linux Desktop (GUI Application) Testing Project -
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