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Dan Bikle dan at bot4.us
Sun Jan 17 04:12:03 EST 2016

I think any effort spent on Suresh is wasted effort.

I dealt with Suresh during the past few days and I learned that
communication with him is a waste of time.

I'd prefer members to focus on making SVP-Meetup better.

Eventually barprigies will die on the vine.

Suresh refers to his members as APEs.

I doubt APEs will continue paying Suresh.

I like Bill's idea of getting the old userlist but I wonder about the
details associated with getting them joined to SVP-Meetup.

I can see some reasons why meetup.com might be reluctant to give that list
to Bill.

Perhaps the way forward is to 'Get the word out'.

Through that action perhaps SVP-Meetup will have a large, active community.

-Dan Bikle
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